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Small Business - Arts and Crafts

Profile: Small Business - the brainchild of Paula Rica Rodriguez

History: " Mom, if you have no financial resources why don't you make crafts or sew and we call sell it, you are so creative make use of it." THIS IS IT! when the parents grow older your children will treat you of how you raised them. I have always believe on Paula's opinion even when she was a little child. Children has the same reasoning and idea like adults, just that children are of smaller scale. I understood it right away that if I want something Paula will not give me a hand out, she will support me if I work for it first. Our roles are starting to turn. So here we are with a starter of borrowed money and started making crafts, sewing and back to camera. I just have to believe.............
I carried my Okinawa Tour Guide name "Talkiing Sweet Potato" Registered as a small business in California. With TSP were born along with the revival of my art skills. Internet Marketing as and I Love Groveland product lines. Along were born a business buy and sell and teens fashion for Trinity Ann - girls and teens fashion and Original and buy/sell clothing for Shiori-Kids original.

 Talking Sweet Potato is in Purple color representing the purple potato of Okinawa and one of the letter "O" is a symbol of Okinawa Prefecture.

  I Love Groveland Products and the town  where I reside near
the Yosemite National Park. 

E-Marketing and Advertising Website

Clothings and Accessories

  In KANA and  ROMAJI Logos

Talking Sweet Potato
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Profile - Talking Sweet Potato

I was born in Okinawa Ryukyu Islands when it was under the US occupation. A product of intermarriage of Visayan/Filipino father and a Japanese mother. Called Half who can eat any type of food, see situations from two different sides. Totally multicultural and multilingual, having twice the capacity to find things amusing and more than three times as bright as many of my contemporaries.

I learned to walk and started my journey: I attended school and grew up in the Philippines and spent my summer vacations in Okinawa. I left the Philippines and back to my family in Okinawa in 1982, the saddest time of my life leaving behind the culture I was brought up with. (the truth is I left a life style that I was receiving a monthly allowance from my family and all I have to do is to attend school, just being a student. My social life was an Artist, The DAWN, Alpha Phi Omega, Kabataang Barangay, life was wonderful ! )

Along the way I travelled, got married, had a child and came back to Okinawa in 1990, divorced with my three year old daughter. Life is a struggle when you are a single mom. I was working full time in the Exchange when I was trained as a Tour Guide in 1994 when the USMC was looking for volunteers to assist the WWII veterans in the 50th commemoration for June 1995. It was 7 months of intensive training, reading war books, listening to lectures and adventures in spelunking. I was certified as a tour guide the July of 1995 by US Forces Japan. I received a Certificate of Appreciation from The Okinawa Plus 50 on August of 1995. I owe this knowledge to Lt. Col. Lord and to A Marine Officer who inspired, mentored, and pushed me above my limits.

On the 28th of February 2000, I was certified as a G8-Summit Tour Guide after attending the lectures at Meio University for two months.On October 2006 I came back to the US and for two years worked for an Aerospace Company. I lost my job on May 2009 and finally I am able to fulfill my dreams. Life is the Internet, Organic Garden, Playing musical instruments ( Guitar, Keyboard, Samisen), Arts ( Pencil Drawing/Sketching ) Crafts (Origami, Crochet, and whatever my vision can project ),

January 2010 my long term goal of retiring early, follow a path where life will lead me.

Work Profile:
Talking Sweet Potato - Arts and Crafts/ Photography and online Retail - Owner - Retail - Owner - Internet advertising and Marketing
Shiori Kids Original -Children's clothings
Trinity Ann Teens Fashion

On Call Clerk (10 ~ 20 hours weekly)
September 2010 ~ November 2010
Utilizing ACI appraisal program, Parcel quest, MLS (Tuolumne County, Mariposa, Calaveras and Hetch Hetchy), Outlook, Internet, consolidating payment for bank deposit, Photo assignments Exterior/Interior of houses, Drive by, and other basic clerical duties.

Tuolumne Trails
Advertising and Marketing Volunteer
Team member organizing the 2nd Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament
21 ~ 22 October 2010 Pine Mountain Golf Course
"Simple Pleasures for Special People" - Tuolumne Trails

California EDD
June 2009 – 2012 – Unemployed

Tending my organic garden
Summer 2008 ~ Present

April 2010 – Present
Friends of Groveland Library
Groveland California
Summer Reading Coordinator
2010 ~2013
planning summer activities while the students are out of school.

Basic Computer Tutor
Generation Before Computer
Every Friday at 9:00Am ~ 10:00AM
Free computer tutorial to seniors of Groveland Community

Summer Reading Program Committee Member 2010 –

February 2007 – May 2009
ALCO (Aircraft Logistics Company)
Assistant Program Manager / Marketing
I was part of the team responsible for Government Military contracts for repair/overhaul of aircraft APU’s (Auxiliary Power Units) and other components. I was responsible for more than $300,000 parts inventory. I issued parts to the mechanics and sent small parts for repair to aircraft repair vendors. We were rated excellent by Hill AFB contracts for 2 consecutive years for more than 90 engines repaired with no discrepancies and sending them back on timely manner.
I attended aircraft conferences which required travel to different states for F-16, C-130 and P-3. Set up booth, contributed brochures and met with potential customers.
I operated the computer in a daily basis, reviewing, summarizing reports prior to giving the file to my supervisor for consolidation. I used my knowledge in computer in internet, Microsoft Office and special programs that dealt with the US government and our office.

July 2003 - July 2006 GSE-9 - Supervisory Admin
Okinawa Exchange Facility Maintenance Office, Okinawa Japan
I utilized the computer on a daily basis. Trained Okinawa and Japan facility AAFES Managers how to use the new programs on requesting, tracking, analyzing charges, repair maintenance/projects. Trained local employees the basic of Microsoft Office. Supervised 3 admin staff and one warehouse order clerk. Created files on parts and construction inventory which improved movement of parts and materials worth 1.4 million dollars. Ordered parts and materials thru OEM (original equipment manufacturer) using contract or credit card and created purchased contract up to $50,000.00. Paid local invoices on a daily basis. I was responsible for $8,000.00 credit card, contract order and purchase. Created files and consolidated renovation projects up to $100,000.00. Consolidated charges for 400 facilities and office expenses every monthly cut off date.

School year 2003 – 2005 - Parent volunteer
Kadena HS JROTC, Okinawa Japan
Volunteer tour-guide for HS JROTC using my knowledge in Okinawa WWII Battle Field.

January 2003 - March 2003 - Store Manager
Volunteer assignment to Qatar Operation Enduring Freedom
Handled inventory, ordering, receiving, promotional sales, cashiering, customer service and consolidating/reporting sales to Europe HQ on a daily basis. Set up new stores and merchandising in three facilities namely Al Udeid, As Saliyah and Camp Snoppy.
May 2001 - Volunteer Instructress
Okinawa Joint Womanhood Forum, Kadena AB
Shared my knowledge in Tour guiding and additional income.

December 1997 – 2003 - Visual Information Technician
GSE-8 Promoted to Senior Design GSE-9
I was responsible for all the weekly PACIFIC (Okinawa, Japan, Korea, Guam, Hawaii and Alaska) ad promotions/advertising for Retail (Exchanges), Food (includes school lunch menus for Pacific DODD Schools, and all food concepts within the PAC area), and Services (Gas stations and Concessions). I designed all artwork of publications, flyers, brochures, food cards, menus, mobiles, programs, invitations, and webpage. Utilized computer applications and office programs: Adobe PageMaker, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Front Page, PDF, Netscape Composer, Paint Artist, FTP, Scanner, Sony Digital Camera, Power Point, Excel, Word, Internet, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP and Outlook. I created and scheduled all the promotional ads for local publications. I am a very responsible and skillful in my field of career and have proven to work under pressure in all date driven projects during this time frame.

1995 – 2006 - Freelance Tour Guide
Okinawa by Land Okinawa by Sea Tours
I gave private tours to newcomers or visitors in Okinawa, I specialized in History, Arts and Crafts, and Culture of Okinawa. I was trained and certified as a Battle Field tour-guide in 1994 for the 50th Commemoration of WWII in Okinawa. In 2000 I was selected to attend the tour-guide training at Meio University in Nago City was certified as a tour-guide for the G8 Summit of 2000.
I designed my own webpage to advertise my business. I search for hotel reservation at the lowest cost, design tours of interest to my customers.

1994 -1997 - Department Supervisor
– Promoted to Department Manager
Okinawa Exchange, Japan
I was responsible as a closing Manager and for 24 employees. I interviewed, hired, enhance training from selling skills, product knowledge, customer service and courtesy. I aimed to place the store staff for advancement in positions. I maintained housekeeping and furniture arrangement using my skill in Interior Designing. I was responsible for all the aspects of Furniture Mart operation in absence of the Manager and the Asst Manager. I excel in selling technique and the ability to communicate in three languages to local and American customers.

BookMark Supervisor (Camp Kinser)
I challenged for promotion and took over the responsibility of Kinser Bookmark that was scheduled for closure due to loss of sales. I changed the staffing pattern and working hours. Sales went up to 20%, $ 300,000 the inventory was down to $142,000 from when I started. I supervised 3 associates and I was responsible as a closing supervisor for the main store with 6 cash registers. I promoted military books in time of 50th Commemoration of WWII in Okinawa.
BookMark Supervisor (Camp Kinser)
I managed a Bookstore which has a daily sale of $2,000. I supervised 3 associates. I was responsible of ordering hardback books, markdowns, customer service, and customer complaints, open and close the store and meet daily sales goals. I consolidated the account at the end of the day. I was responsible for all the cash transactions and deposits.

1995 - Battle Field Tour-guide
I Volunteered for 50th Commemoration in Okinawa. I invested in excess of 14 hours in reading, 18 hours of classroom training and 73 hours of field activities. I wrote two articles of WWII in Okinawa and was published in Okinawa Marine following the history of day to day battle from April 1, 1945 to June 1945. I was trained for EOD to recognize different types of weapons. I was trained and certified for CPR. I took charge of 120 veterans for the 6th Marine Division for 10 days event. I received a certificate of Commendation from the US Forces Japan signed by Major General W.E. Rollings. I proposed a signing of books “Girl with the White Flag by Tomiko Higa and Tennozan by George Feifer that resulted to 1,500 copies sold in Okinawa and still is a top seller.

1997-1999 - Volunteer
Kadena Historian Office
I assisted with POW/MIA programs for the Base General. I created and sent invitations to all group commanders and co-commanders in guidance of the General’s protocol staff. I assisted the Historian Pacific Conference in Okinawa.

1996-1998 - Contract Tour-guide
Schillings Recreation Center, Kadena AB
I designed and lead tours to new comers, crafts and educational tours designed for home schooled students. I designed cultural curiosity and Love motel tours which the facility continued to use due to its demand and popularity.

1995-1996 - Contract Tour-guide
Kadena AB USO
Lead a minimum of 20 people to maximum of 35 people in the bus. I was responsible fro designing a tour package and routing. I was responsible for my own research and further reading of Okinawa history, culture, crafts and legends. I gave the tour, narrated and showed all the historical places from south to north of Okinawa.

1992-1994 - Hardbacks Clerk
Pacific Stars and Stripes – Okinawa, Japan
E.C. Corporation Contract
I took the responsibility of bookkeeping, and additional job as a receptionist. I consolidated all the monthly report, re-issue of books to all outlets in Okinawa, Diego Garcia, and Kwajalein District. I corresponded, created vouchers, markdown and marked up books, call in report, ordered books locally, researched book titles
and prices. I was audited in my section with 100% accuracy. I utilized computer using lotus 123 and DOS.

1991-1992 - Sales Associate
Okinawa Exchange, Japan
I tended cash register, stocked linen, baby clothes, and toddlers outfit. I assisted customers for their inquiry

1990 -1992 - Contract Photography Instructress
Kadena AB USO
Prepared my own lesson, demonstrated the parts and functions of different kinds of cameras. I taught the basic of photo composition. I organized a photo sessions and locations.

1989 - Cashier Clerk
Misawa AB Golf Course
Tended cash register, responsible for the Tee-Time reservation and prepared daily sales report.

1986-1989 - Stringer Photographer
Northern Airlifter, Mc Chord AB Washington State
I was responsible for covering the sports section and special assignment on weekly basis. I won the quarterly awards twice on Base and once all over Military Base CONUS wide.

1984-1989 - Head Waitress
Mc Chord AB – Washington State
I supervised 6 waitresses. I prepared the dining room for party set-up with guest up to 350 per party.

1982-1983 -Clerk
H&R and Video Club
Worked as a receptionist for H&R and the Video Club utilizing computer TRS-80

1982 - Freelance Photographer
Manila Philippines
Submitted house interior photo shots to Architectural Journal National Magazine

1976 -1981
University of the East
Manila Philippines
Student assistant – Assisted Freshmen students with the school enrollment and gave school orientation.
Staff Photographer – worked as a staff photographer for the school weekly paper.
Clerk – computed school tuition and registration fees every enrollment.
Instructress – Taught art classes and basic photography.

University of Maryland (PACIFIC) Undergraduate Computer studies 1997 -
Central Texas College Undergraduate Computer studies 1998 -
University of the East (Manila) Undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences 1976 - 1978
University of Santo Tomas (Manila) Undergraduate College of Fine Arts 1974-1975
Philippine Women’s University Undergraduate College of Fine Arts 1978-1979
St. Jude College (Manila) Associate in Interior Designing 1979
University of the East High School (Manila) 1970 - 1974

CPR & AED (Expires 4/25/2016)
How To Win Federal Contracts Jan 20, 2009
Maximizing your Career Potential Workshop 2006
Back Injury Prevention -2006
Level Accounting Cycle - 2006
Air Freight Receiving Procedures - 2006
Oral Construction Contracts under $25,000 - 2005
FMO Contracts and Purchasing Limits and Responsibility - 2005
Procurement Ethics and Awareness - 2005
Level 1 Anti-Terrorism Training - 2005
Annual Ethics Training - 2004
Anti Money Laundering -2004
Sexual Harassment Plain and Simple - 2004
Performance Management -2004
Workforce Violence -2004
Code of Conduct -2004
Ethics Training - 2004
Tactical Field Exchange 2002
G8 Summit Tour-Guide 2000
Intro to Labor Relations 1996
Business Writing 1996
Art of Customer Service 1995
Battle Field Tour-Guide 1995
Aids in the Workplace 1994
Supervisory Management Course 1994
Understanding Diversity 1994
Drug Abuse Prevention 1976

27. Friends of Groveland Library Star Award 2012
26. Honorary Deputy Mayor of Groveland, California 2011 - as Groveland Rose
25. Plaque of Appreciation 2002 - Organized a book drive, collected 500 plus books in one week donated to children of Davao City, Philippines. Japan/ Philippines Volunteers Association
24. Certificate of Appreciation 2000 - G8 Summit Tour-Guide from Mayor of Nago City
23. Certificate of Appreciation 2000 – Asian American Month AAFES Okinawa
22. Certificate of Appreciation 1997 – Hispanic History Month
21 Certificate of Appreciation 1997 – Asian American Month
20 3rd Place 1996 Photography contest Kadena AB
19 Certificate of Appreciation 1996 – Asian American Month
18. Okinawa Photography Club Exhibit Certificate 1995
17 Okinawa Photography Club 10th place Photo Contest
16. The Okinawa plus 50 Peace and Friendship Volunteer Association 1995
15. Certificate of Commendation United States Forces Japan 1995
14 American Red Cross Misawa 1989
13. Honorable Mention Winter Holiday Poster, Misawa 1989
12. Honorable Mention Arts and Crafts, Misawa 1989
11. Military Airlift Command Craftsman Contest, First Place 1988
10. AFSA Volunteer Mc Chord 1988
9. Honorable Mention Photography Contest Mc Chord1998
8. 3rd Place Photography Contest Mc Chord 1988
7. 3rd Place Craftsman contest Mc Chord 1988
6. Military Airlift Command Stringer of the Quarter 1988
5. Stringer of the Quarter Mc Chord 1986
4. First Place Photography Contest McChord 1987
3. Certificate of Recognition Mc Chord 1986
2. Military Airlift Command Stringer of the Quarter 1986
1. Washington State Special Olympics 1985 & 1986
Languages: English, Tagalog, Visayan, Japanese, and Basic Spanish
Hobbies and Interest: Arts and Crafts, Photography, Reading, Charcoal drawing, Playing the guitar, Keyboard and Samisen
Yosemite HWY 120 Chamber of Commerce 2013 ~ Present
Friends of Groveland Library 2010 ~ Present
Toastmasters International, ATM- B 2000 - present
Alpha Phi Omega International Fraternity/Sorority (Philippines) 1977 - present
The Dawn, alumni staff of school newspaper. University of the East, Philippines
Language Volunteer, International House Nago City Okinawa 1999 –present
AAFES Disability Program – Volunteer Manager 1996 -1997
AAFES Asian American Pacific Islander - Member, Volunteer Manager 1995 - 1998

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Talking Sweet Potato
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